Exploring Melbourne Art Scene

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Melbourne is known as the culture capital or Australia. If its thriving street art scene is anything to go by then it is no surprise. What a testament to the city’s diverse and creative talents.

Harry Vincent /

Some would call this place a fusion of glam grunge whilst others hipster chic, it’s the proximity of all of the different styles and so many variants that really brings the place to life. At every turn there is more to see and a reason to pull out your camera and snap the latest and greatest of the young communities artistic stature. Full of what I would describe as bohemian ambiance, it may not be to everyones taste, especially those of a more conservative nature who . believe that art belongs in a frame or a gallery and the the streets should be fulled with dull brick grey. If thats not you, then Melbourne is for you. Whether you’re alone or with friends or family you wont be bored as it’s an area of easy adventure.

Melbourne’s not just a hub of gallery art, it’s street art is made of legends. Globally known for its prowess at turning the city onto a sprawling art museum, the magnificent creations consist of stencils, and murals and whilst they do venture further afield, primarily are centered around Hosier Lane and Union Lane. You can find it all the way down to the beach area of St. Kilda, and up to the trendy hipster area of Fitzroy. Melbourne offers a combination of art and activism, with everything from diversity driven social commentary to murals and decorative painting that will blow your mind at every turn.

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