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Great Stories

Analysis: Why a huge apartment block is wrong for W'bool; the rise of the backyard hen and win a 20kg bag of chickenfeed! ; growing mushrooms with Kylie Treble; meet the neighbours with Jo Canham ; a spectacular open garden in Narrawong; and much more…

Protected: Huge apartments will set ugly precedent

Analysis: massive apartment plan will set ugly precedent.

Protected: True love: backyard hens and the egg factor

Why do we love our backyard hens? + Win a bag of chickenfeed!

Growing mushrooms in a dog house…and more

Kylie Treble is sent to the doghouse…to grow mushrooms.

Tales from the Fairy #3: Meet the Neighbours!

Jo Canham’s Tales from the Fairy: Meet the Neighbours!

Spectacular garden open for viewing

Award-winning garden open for viewing at Narrawong.

Clarice Beckett Art Award open for 2015

Clarice Beckett Award opens for 2015.

Pop-up bar brings urban edge to Portland

Tess Milani has uncorked some magic in Portland.

Re-visiting the activism of the 80s and 90s

Re-visiting activism in W’bool in the 80s and 90s.

Biblio-Art Prize for 2015 remains an open book

Biblio-Art Award back for 2015 – open now

Climbing toward 500...



Bluestone editors Carol Altmann and Louise North with Portland artist (and Bluestone subscriber!) Carmel Wallace.


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Catching up

Little old shoe leads to a humble war hero

How an old shoe led to a W’bool war hero…

Kylie: A letter to my gardening Grandma

Kylie Treble: A letter to my gardening Grandmother.

Thriller with not enough thrill: Duplicate Keys

Book review: Claire Norman on ‘Duplicate Keys’ by Jane Smiley.

The thinking behind building a Big Life

Michael Barling & Sean Kenny on the thinking behind ‘Big Life’.

Unearthed: how the Warrnambool cemetery works

Unearthed: how the Warrnambool Cemetery works…

Top artists collaborate for Portland exhibition

Top artists celebrate the natural world of Portland.

Authentic Asian food with street cred: The Liebig

Another top Asian restaurant in W’bool: The Liebig.

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