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Great Stories

We profile textile artist Danielle O'Brien; top artists unite for Portland exhibition; Superb Asian food at The Liebig; Jo Canham with more Tales from the Fairy; Food for Thought: time to pickle and preserve; Sovereign Hill v Flagstaff Hill and much, much more…

FJ studio proves to be a real plus: Danielle O’Brien

FJ’s studio proves a real plus for textile artist Danielle O’Brien.

Top artists collaborate for Portland exhibition

Top artists celebrate the natural world of Portland.

Authentic Asian food with street cred: The Liebig

Another top Asian restaurant in W’bool: The Liebig.

Tales from the Fairy #2: the adventure begins

Tales from the Fairy: the adventure begins…

Preserve your energy: it’s time to pickle!

Food for Thought: it’s time to pickle!

Sovereign Hill strikes gold as ‘Flaggy’ struggles

Why is Sovereign Hill striking gold as Flaggy Hill struggles?

A life behind the lens: Jack Wilkins

We profile photographer Jack Wilkins.

Taking a walk on the wild side: Brett Jarrett

Portland wildlife artist Brett Jarrett is opening a gallery close to home.

Inside a Tag Walter masterpiece: Clinton Krause

Columnist Clinton Krause steps inside a Tag Walters masterpiece.

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Catching up

SWTAFE delays start of arts programs

Is art at SW-TAFE safe? We ask the question.

Veil of secrecy over salary of the WCC’s top job

Analysis: The veil of secrecy over the salary package of WCC chief.

A really bright move – and it’s all about coffee

At Brightbird, it’s all about the coffee…and donuts.

A fence full of happy soles at Tyrendarra

Happy soles: the story behind the shoe fence at Tyrendarra.

Using your garden to clean your house

Kylie Treble: Use your garden to clean your house.

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